Maths Memory

Lost in Maths brings you Maths Memory, the fun and engaging game that will help your child practise number bonds from 10 to 200.

Maths Memory reinforces the number bonding skills your child is taught in primary school.

A vital skill that will help to;

✔ develop mental arithmetic 

✔ improve instant recall 

✔ handle money and count change 

✔ complete more complicated sums 



Chester and his alien-ship are trapped in a lift! He needs your help to be set free into outer space. You can do this with your Maths Memory! All you have to do is find the correct number pairs and turn them over. Each time you get a correct pair they disappear leaving fewer pairs to turn. When all pairs have disappeared, you have got them all right and Chester is set free! Maths Memory can be played on your own or against the multi-levelled iphone. If the iphone wins, Chester remains trapped in the lift and you must try again. There is a wide range of number bonds from 10 up to 200 to suit all abilities. The challenge is yours!