Solving Maths

A problem solving app for kids aged 6-13 that will help to reinforce your child’s knowledge and use of essential maths facts (=,+, x and ÷) to solve everyday problems as taught in primary schools in a fun way.

One and two step questions are presented in WORD form which will boost your child’s number vocabulary and extend their language of maths.


Typical questions:

➤ 13 is 5 more than .. ?  

➤ What is the difference between 11 and 6?

➤ How many 5p coins are worth 35p?

➤ Tom bought five friends ten sweets each. They cost 2p each. How much did he spend altogether?

➤ A bath that can take 200 litres of water is half full. I add 200 litres to the bath. How much will overflow?

With over 500 questions in 8 categories, you can become an expert problem solver! Each player can add their name to track scores and progress!

The aim of the game

Nanu the monkey is hungry because he can’t climb the banana tree. He needs your help! You can do this with your problem solving skills. Each time you answer a question correctly from the island scroll you earn him a banana.

After 10 questions, he can eat the bananas you have collected for him. If you get all 10 bananas your problem solving skills are excellent and Nanu is full to bust and very happy!