Times Tables Machine

The 'Times Tables Machine' is a unique game that helps children learn and remember their times tables.

It has an addictive rolling interface drawing the player into the game and keeping their attention.


Key features of the game are: 

✔ Timings options 

A variety of timing options can be set - some of these can add pressure which might not be suitable for every child! 
➤ maximum game time 
➤ maximum time per question 
➤ timed game 
➤ no timing! 

✔ Times Tables - free selection 

Players can select any number of times tables to practise, from a single table to any combination of these. 

✔ Times Tables up to 15 

Anyone getting bored with times tables up to 12 can select the up to 15 mode which adds a whole new dimension to the game! 

✔ Variable question count 

In Random mode the game allows a custom selection between 5 and 100 questions! 

✔ Scores & Review 

At the end of each game a review is given which includes; average speed per question, game time and a full analysis of answers. 

✔ Multi-player 

Multiple players can be added so individual scores can be tracked.

✔ Hints

Players can ask for hints to be given in the rows adjacent to the query row.

✔ Gaps in questions

The app now allows for questions to contain gaps (which actually teaches your child divisions!).

E.g. 7 x ? = 28, ? x 4 = 12 in addition to the standard 4 x 5 = 30.

✔ Sound

Sound has been added to indicate correct and incorrect answers!